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Lynn, thanks for including me all the time.. had fun doing it dear...

Which American Idol Personality Are You?

Which American Idol Personality Are You?
Created by BuddyTV


*begin copy here*
  1. Take some Personality Quiz here. At least 2 (two) of it.
  2. Post the result on your blog and then leave a comment here so that I can add it to a Which TV Shows Character Are You? master list.
  3. Pass this tag to a blogger who you think watch a TV Shows. OR, if you interested in having fun, just include yourself in.
  4. Update the list on your post regularly to ensure everybody gets equal link benefit.

Which TV Shows Character Are You?
1. Snapshotcap 2. Azlan 3. My so-called Life 4.SuperNova & SweetPain 5. -You're next!

*end copy here*


  1. sis, daghan na jud ko ug tag nga utang nimo. sife lang sis ha jkay busy kaayo ating beauty oi.

    wow u tend to be incorrgible in love huh? hahaha it pays to be incorrgible sis, ur now in the hands of ur loving hubby.

    Musta naman atong buhay sis? ako still here so busy blogging so i can save fare in going to the US. di lalim pag laag oi, gasto kaayo. akong mga kids are ok pudm here. ikaw unsa naman, sige ka ug oangiuta ug work diha? how bout skul lang usa ka diha sis?

  2. salamat sa pagvisit.sus nabisi jud kong kinabuhi permi.o naa lagi blessing daginoton pud kay 1 lang 5 na lang unta to. pero kining akong main site na jdmabelleverlasting ambot wa jud ni kasulay bisan 1 lang intawon.

    oi salamat sa pagadvertise sa akong isa ka site d i. utro pud na bisan 1 nga regalo sa big g wa jud. hehehhe.kulba hinam na kada kamang gud.pero botlog gihapon.halos na one year wa gihapon kaloyi.ang mg bago hinoon nakong hinimo gitagaan ug 1.

    na hala sige. til next time.

  3. Salamat sa paghimo ani, Novs and glad to know that u had fun answering it.

    Happy Sunday!

  4. Hi! Updating you on the master list.
    Hope you can update yours to ensure everybody gets equal link benefit. ;)

  5. hi sis musta naka diha? labay lang sa ko to dropped ec. hehehe... nahh snasya na akoayo sis wa pa jud na ako nahimo ang tag.hehehe.. amping lang diha.

  6. Anonymous9:14 AM

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  7. Anonymous12:48 PM

    tnx for this amazing tag! Post this later ok, tnx again TC :)


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