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Amazing Fall Season

Okay, as we all knew that FALL SEASON just started earlier this month. And as the day goes by, I was astonished of the changes of tree’s leaves into just different colors, looks liked it’s dying but nope, it’s only getting ready for the next Season which is WINTER. Geezzz, I don’t know what would be my biggest reaction when I’ll finally experience white Christmas, snow flakes falling from the sky, massive snows in the drive ways, roofs and just everywhere else that my eyes can see. Don’t tell me!!! Just sshhh for now and let me tell you what I feel after I experience the negative degrees and the double clothes and piss feelings later. Interesting for me and I can’t wait but scared that I might want to fly to Florida or CA just to get rid of the very cold temperature.

Back to fall first as it is what the SEASON we had now. I adore the amazing changes which brought smile into my face every time we go somewhere and all you is the different colors of each tree.

So, this is my first time I don’t want to miss any tree that we passed by so good thing that I brought my Digital Camera with me. Yup, I purchased it that way I can capture nice scene and moments we have here that I don’t want my family to miss it. In spite of being 9000 miles away from them, I still want them to be part of my daily life. [Missed them a lot]

Anyways, who else doesn’t enjoy, adore and fascinated with the revolutionizing of the trees? Though to those who live here for the rest of their life be passionate about FALL SEASON. What more to me? I never experienced like this in Philippines so I am enjoying it and will never end up incarcerating the moments this SEASON can give to me.


  1. Actually, fall started last week of September... Can't remember if it's September 22 or 23...

    Oh I love fall! It's my favorite season of the year. It's no longer warm, and it's not yet too cold, just perfect for me! And yes, I love the changing color of the leaves, it's awesome!

  2. Hopped here Novs. Anong bago?

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Ate J

  3. Anonymous5:52 PM

    the image was captured so perfectly...

    honestly, i hate all and winter.. they are just beyong my means.. i prefer spring, it's my favorite season of all, even above summer where all the hype and excitement comes out here in europe.

  4. Anonymous5:53 PM

    like you, i also posted about autumn/fall and i felt a strange feeling about it.. the wind and all the dying leaves really make me feel sad.

  5. Anonymous9:57 PM

    enjoy the fall, nova. i hope you do get acquainted with the cold weather. i do like the changing of the leaves, they're awesome, but still, if you ask me to arrange the season from my favorite to least, here it goes: summer, spring, winter and fall. in terms of color, i think it is: spring, fall, summer and winter. i love the wildflowers in spring, though, it brings me a lot of allergies :( but still truly a sight to behold. you know why summer is my favorite? because i can go to the beach, hihihi!

  6. this is cool photo nov..i love falls also but only when there is colors but after that, it's very dull especially here in our place.But if the snow will start falling, then it's much better. winter here is so cold but we have lots of outdoor activity that we will enjoy much. just now, we are still enjoying the colors of the leaves..

    by the way nov, can you add my new blog pls? you're already's the link

    thanks and thanks for the call also..i enjoy talking to you..we will talk next time

  7. savor every moment, novs or perhaps every leaf that falls. hehe.


  8. Anonymous10:39 PM

    by the way nova, forgot to tell you that i really love your picture. am glad you're getting out to enjoy all the colors of fall. splendid, right?

  9. wow how nice to look at the color of those trees. my friend once told me she has been to the US twice but she never saw snow as what she wanted so much to see, their fault for not going there at fall or winter, hehehe. enjoy the transition of four season unfold before your very eyes.. . . have a great day always, sis.

  10. maayong gabii from gensan. hehe. :)


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