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FRIDAY SKY WATCH: Better Late than Never!

This entry might be late for some countries but I just want to post it that way I would never missed the usual Friday Sky Watch that I usually do. For some reason, I am not aware is that hubby is at home and had his day off. So, instead of facing at the computer the whole day I prefer to spend time with him and we actually did. That's why I came up to that title of the post as "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!"

This is not even the kind of weather we have this day, as I took it last week but it will be nice to see bright day then a cloudy and rainy cold day right? I anticipate that this crappy weather of the week will be over soon.

Happy weekend guys!!!


  1. Happy weekend too, Novs! Hope u're well and good despite the cold weather. Ingatz! (",)

  2. mao lagi.hope ma ok na unta tong tigulanga oi kay gool pud ba. gibisita man sya karon sa ko bana unya ok ok man daw.pero gitotokan na jud sya ug maayo sa mga nurses kay kuyaw man yang health tungod sa diabetis ug moataki ba.

    nwys, thanks sa bisita. hope your fine also and ur family. God bless.

  3. hi nov, musta naman ka diha. :)


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