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Birthday Celebration with In Laws Part I

Got up early, to prepared lunch for Jeff, he greeted me and cuddles for a little then proceeded to work. Good, now is my time to clean, cook, and arrange the table for dinner.

Earlier before my Special Day, my in-laws were asking me of what will be my plans during my Natal. So, the planned dinner with them before was not been able to pursue, I decided that I’ll cook for them some Filipino recipes. Which, fortunately they were excited about it, well good then.

Anyhow, I cooked spicy spaghetti courtesy of my “bff” just kidding, my friend in Philippines who shared her ingredients to me. Leche Plan [Custard Egg] and turns out that they don’t like it, hahahaha… Chopsuey [Fried Veggies], Homemade Garlic Bread, Cup Cake which is made by SIL Chel, and Fruit Salad.

I was thrilled because I am not sure if they like it as they have different savor from our Filipino ways and ingredients. After, the dinner it was all appreciated by everyone, they kept telling me that it is pretty good, they love it and its way too different from the usual flavor that they have. Yup, I’m overwhelmed by their comments and I’m glad they love it. Now, I am more confident of cooking and introduce more Filipino flavor to them, it is also overwhelming to know that they are eager to eat our dishes as well. As long as, I won’t make something like Leche Plan and sea foods, hehehehe… we all know that it is expensive foods that we eat, good thing then, I won’t be able to spend that much money to prepare for my next dinner.

flower gifts from mom Judy and family

table full of foods...

in laws, they love my food... yahoo!!!

SIL Chel and Jeff

to be continued…


  1. wow, dami food! parang ang sarap nung spicy spaghetti!

  2. Anonymous5:45 PM

    hi nova, it's great they liked your food. wow, they didn't like leche flan? hihihi, it is my favorite, my niece actually likes it too, but maybe she has been asianized already, haha!

    here, our lumpia and adobo are very popular, americans always ask for them.

    oh, i want to try your spicy spaghetti.

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    it's so nice to know that they like pilipino foods. the foods you prepared looks give me an idea of doing some leche plan hehehhe i love it.

  4. nice naman! and look at the food! is that chocolate muffins? laway ko! lol.


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