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Friendship is Rare to find

Meeting friends online is somewhat rare for each person. Because sometimes, they just won't last others will and I am thankful because I found friends thru online and they still there no matter what. Te Meldz, Jhona, Te Carolyn and Te Lynn thanks for these tagged I really appreciate it alot that you considered me as one of them.

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And lovely are the blossoms
That are tended with great care,
By those who work unselfishly
To make the place more fair.
And, like the garden blossoms,
Friendship's flower grows more sweet
When watched and tended carefully
By those we know and meet.
And, if the seed of friendship
Is planted deep and true
And watched with understanding,
Friendship's flower will bloom for you.



  1. thanks u for doing the tag, novs. ingatz! mwah!

  2. How was your bday Novs? Hope it was a good one.

    Ate J

  3. hi nov, kumosta na? i will email you the signature ha..maghimo sa ko..karon pa jud tawn ko nakaginhawa sa among work dire..

    have a nice evening:-)

  4. Indeed friendship is hard to find. I wish mine, though the closest ones are still in Ph and one in Singapore, we are still contatcting each other....

    What do you mean phone card? Hmm, i use mobile phone with a certain rate for Philippines and a ten euro has around 80-100 minutes.... di ako sure but that range... but if you offer is much cheaper, why not... ano ba yan?

    Anyways, i call philippines and Italy.. Italy almost daily and Philippines not that daily but i stayed for hours kasi nga mahirap tumining unlike italy that we have the same hours here in netherlands...

    i got new job na ksi and i start today, isn't that cool? Tama ka about the work that makes me take shower nlng n go to bed after going home.... ^^

    Anyways, just tell me what it is Amiga! ^^ Ingat and good night or good morning as the case may be.


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