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Lunch Date during Veteran’s Day

My first time to celebrate and honor those who fought in the World War II to win the victory and freedom, as well as the meeting of Cousin in Law Cathy who planned to interview me for her homework. She wants to get to know about my country Philippines and I am interested as well to share what are those good factors Filipino has. We all know that anywhere in the world, there are issues about their country. So, we went to Alfie’s Restaurant and start chatting and sharing, asking questions about health, culture, and most of the entire dental situation. I was only sharing what I have been through and hopefully that I gave her a satisfaction answers. She said she’ll call me for follow-up questions, but since until now I didn’t heard from her. So that’s good, meaning I have given her enough information about what she wants to know.

Lunch ended at past 1:00pm, head straight home and gets rest, which is just a fast and quick interview. Good thing I didn’t freak out there…


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  1. Anonymous1:36 AM

    you must've given her the information she needed. i thought you brought her to a Filipino restaurant. =)


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