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SWF: Weather during my Birthday

Yup, you heard me right here, since my special day belongs to Friday this year, I decided to take a look at the weather forecast here in Jamestown, NY. As we all known, eastern time now isn’t yet Friday as most of the countries has different time zone.

Anyhow, this kind of weather that we have even when I was still in Philippines, during my Birthday it will rains or gloomy weather. Old people say that it is a good luck since the heaven is showering me or blessing me on the day that I was born. Others might find it disturbing but it will depend of your religions and superstitious beliefs of the old people. So, tomorrow I will be assuming that we'll have a cloudy day.

I’ll be turning 27th now, and time really flies so fast. I could not imagine that 3 years more and I’ll be in my early 30’s. I know it is just a number for other people, but things just happen so fast for me. I was just a little girl before and now I’m married to the man I love and who loved me. Soon, we’ll be having our own family and then, parents, grandparents later on is the time for us to go back where we belong to the CREATOR.

So here you go my friends, take a look at the weather forecast I stole from their website:

So, I decided to choose this instead of the usual picture that I did before. For a change and for telling exactly what kind of weather will be during my day.

Happy Weekend in advance!!!


  1. hi hapit na diay imong bday..ADVANCE HAPPY's better na ako ang makauna ug greet nimo hehehhe

    well about my signature, sa photoshop to nako gihimo mao nakabutang ko ug heart. I cand do one for you if you like..just let me know..

  2. Happy freaking birthday, 27 years old, oh what it would be like to be 27 again.

  3. Seriously girl, 30 is not the number to be feared. Enjoy your birthday.

  4. wow! bday mo pala today, sis. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! all the best for u. treat ha? lol.

    anyways, got u something...

  5. Advance happy birthday Nova! You'll only be 27, still very young! What's important is that you're another year wiser, and ofcourse truly happy!

    Here's wishing you a very happy birthday.. More blessings to come!


  6. Anonymous9:39 PM

    happy birthdya diay nimo diha happy skywatching pod...

  7. Happy 27th., I reversed those same numbers this year and with me, time no longer marches, it flyes with four jet engines.
    Enjoy every minute of your life!

  8. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Hi Nov, am late :( but nevertheless, i want to send you some birthday wishes of more love that grows each day, happiness, joy, good health, and more blessings, and for God to bless what your heart desires deeply.


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