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Better Late than Never….

I’m telling about sharing what our Christmas tree looks like. I remember the first thing I said to my Bana when September came was to put up the Christmas tree as early as we can. I keep in mind and kept bugging him about it, he told me they put up their Christmas tree and all other decorations right after the Thanksgiving, and I was like ... what???!!! that's less than a month before Christmas, but still nothing happens, as I don't know where he kept the decorations and everything. And so patiently wait until it did happened, my exhilaration was finally over after we put up the tree earlier this month.

This will be the first White Christmas that I’m spending with my Bana and his family. I’m missing home so badly, but knowing the fact that Philippines will now be my second home is really excruciating me. I have 26 years of memories and that is impossible for me to be able to forget right there and then to miss the hometown where I grew up. Yet, I choose this life and I have to move on.

here's our Christmas Tree...

take another look here...

Now I’m having a White Christmas however, sometimes there is something part of me that am empty. Would it be a longing, since my family was far away during these very special holidays? Might be one of the cause, but acceptance is what I’m doing it. I choose to have this life and so I’m sacrificing and will survive to the new life that I choose.

Anyhow, it would be better to go back to the real topic before I get sentimental over my emotions. After putting up the tree, I was really happy and instantaneously took a picture, obviously to show and share here.



  1. tagy tag for u sis tc!

  2. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Christmas here is totally different from back home, Novs. When I was watching the Macy's thanksgiving day parade, I got emotional and started missing home and how we celebrate the holidays.

  3. Anonymous6:30 PM

    ahh glad to be back home in this cold frozen tundra Wisconsin. I can't believe that I am going to have another White Christmas hehe. It's definitely jud na lahi ang feelings being not in Pinas for many years. Instead na excited to spend pasko sa pinas I was actually wanting to go back hehe.

    anyway, tok to yah later.

    Oh yeah, nindot ang Christmas tree!



  4. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Nova, I love your Christmas tree, so pretty. So glad for you that you're able to put up your tree now. I just put up ours yesterday.

    By the way, I can stay long in our kind of snow here in San Diego mountains since usually at day time, it is just in the 30s or 40s, sometime, we pick up a time to go up the mountains when it is 60s, but I never go up in the mountains when it is below 30s there, hehehe, also too cold for me.

    White Christmas is nice if from the inside of the house, but since I always love to stay long outside, I am hoping and wishing for a golden and sunny Christmas, and also hoping I would be 100% healthy then :)

  5. Hi Novs...been a while bago ako naka dalaw here. Hope you're enjoying your tree!! It looks really pweeettyy,...

    Ate J

  6. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Hi Nov, you're funny,as for the snowman, yes, nagniwang sya, hahah! i think the one who made it could not stand the cold and settled for a thin snowman, haha!

    thanks for stopping by my site.

    we only have a few days and it's Christmas, I wish you and your bana a happy and blessed one.

  7. Hi novs its been while since i was last here, sorry i have been visiting from my cbox lang kasi. Now, I am visiting from my blogroll. Two days more to go and its christmas already. I wish you a happy one, novs. Enjoy it with jeff. iwas pusoy ka diha kay wa kay mga pag umangkon nga mamasko nimo, hahaha.

  8. Anonymous11:08 PM

    hi nov,i felt the same feeling that you feel just now. pero maanad ra ka kadugayan nov..especially if you see the snow falls during christmas eve. that's what I used to do before, every christmas eve, mamintana jud ko maghulat sa snow he he he.

    just enjoy your first christmas here...:-)

  9. nice christmas tree you got there nov. your first christmas in the US will be different but you'll get used to it. have a merry christmas with your bana. :)

  10. Anonymous12:51 PM

    wow! simple but class! Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

  11. Anonymous12:52 PM

    wow! simple but class! Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

  12. Anonymous11:30 PM

    hi Nova, it is me again, just stopping by to greet you a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

  13. Merry Christmas, sis! mwah!

  14. Anonymous3:49 AM

    you did a great job. Your Christmas tree looks simple and lovely. Merry xmas Nova

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