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Decided and Changed

I was talking about my blog template here. As in my previous post I mentioned that am looking for a nice and simple template for FREE online for the reason that I’m changing my template as if you have noticed it was not organized and no matter what I do, I could not fixed it or simply say I already get bored with the color too.

After days, weeks, and even months of searching I hardly find template that captures my attention and something that is parallel to the ex- format as I love the 3 column templates.

I can say, I am not that patient enough to wait for a longer time, as Twinks and Genny gave and offer me for a new template. But, since I have decided and changed it, I could not longer wait for the generosity that they have offered.

Fortunately, I used Genny’s free template in my other blog which is not officially publish. I was still thinking and waiting for the right decision of having 2 blogs. I don’t want to create something that in the end I could not update and given more attention than in the old blog that I have been using. Although it is still not too late and well see.

Anyhow, I would like to thank you to these two talented girls who give delight of sharing their talents to everyone. More powers and blessed be.

Hence, I have an official template now, it is still under construction and you might find it infuriating as it might not work well when you visit it. However I do hope that you’ll deem this inconveniency that you have encountering lately.

And to my old template, I think it is time for it to say THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL MEMORIES and FOR THE GREAT JOB IT HAS GIVEN ME.

A last look for my old template:

template, old templatetemplate, old template


  1. Hey I like this new template...I like any shade of brown that's why...

    Thanks for the visit...

    Ate J

  2. Anonymous10:32 PM

    i like the new template too nova. change is always good. i am just lazy to make any changes in mine :( maybe during my Christmas break.

  3. nice new look, sis. i like the color. bugnaw sa eyes. :)

    niwey, got something for u here...

  4. Hi sis,
    nice layout...neat..sorry for the delay, i was sick and had a time out from blogging for weeks..i started it already just wasn't able to finish it..will still let u see it, in case u'l like it..

    thanks again mwahugs!

  5. love the new template!


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