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One wish I’m aiming for has finally come true...

One of my wishes before is to sit on Santa’s Lap and tell him what I want to have for Christmas. Unlike, others I never experience sitting on Santa's Lap during my entire childhood. And it never happened in where I live before, but seen it only seen it on television and on movies.

When I was a little girl, among the siblings, I’m the one who has a very strong faith about Santa Clause, even my parents don’t bother to do Santa's gift thingy, as what parents are doing now for their kids. Can’t blame them as my parents grew up without having any experiences of such Santa Clause thingy, and I do understand that.

I got a wish and I want it to come true this time. Sitting on Santa’s Lap and become at least a little girl that once dreamed to experience sitting on Santa's Lap. And guess what I asked from Santa? A digital photo frame from CEIVA.

And now, I got a new digital photo frame that I can share to the whole world, they will not only see one picture but many pictures of me and my Bana as well as the moments we want to share to our families. CEIVA makes everything different than the ordinary frames. Because it will not only display you one specific photo but many of the most like photos and memories you wish to put.

I choose this photo, as this is a recent one and was taken during the time me and my Bana went to watch a show live Wrestling in the HSBC Arena, at the same time it was one of the long night date.

It is an amazing gadget for the modern technology, a digital photo frame from CEIVA. The experience of sitting on Santa’s Lap was an amazing, as one of the wishes that wasn’t come true before, has actually did, isn't that obvious?

Anyhow, if you want to win $500 visit visit their website as you don't have to do anything simply join, 1 random entry will be selected each day. Join the contest now! and give yourself a Merry Wonderful Christmas.



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  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    comment ko no nako beh! tikasan ka ha. heheh
    love you girl!


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