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Back to Normal

Starting the first Day of January everything seems back to normal. The way it is before the long feast strikes. Some people took down their Christmas decorations and others as I perceive waits until, maybe mid of the Month, before they’ll take it down. As for us, I resolute to take down the decorations as early as Saturday, while I have nothing to do and I can start cleaning up the entire house, hence, I never get the chance to do a major Cleaning when my Bana is around. Because, I want to spend more time with him and do things with him too.

Like I said, things back to the normal just the way it is. But with anticipation, just as the Christmas and New Year holidays are over in the Calendar, we should not forget or celebrates those festivals or apply it in our everyday life.




  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Indeed back to normal, the heavy traffic jams in the morning.. the good thing i go early and im in the office as dark as 730 and that way i can estimate my travel time... and of course, back to work and maybe next week with my tutorials.. i still feel lazy though and i just want to stay in the comfort of the warm home than to stay out in the frezing weather.

    As for the Alexa Novs, i have seen more than a hundred around showing no data... better register your site by letting alexa crawl it again... i think i myself have to do that too because alexa is making wreong stats of my in! It goes high when I dont even log and when i have around 500 visits, it only records around 50..sigh... they say alexa has been counting the bounce rate na daw...but no time to research yet. ^^

  2. Hi Novs, thanks sa visit ug sa comment for my baby..Regarding sa side effect sa flu shot let me know wala gyod ko kalibotan mao na wala ko nahadlok..Unsa man ang side effect na worry hinoon ko,lol.

  3. hello sis...

    ako wa pa nako nahipus amo xmas tree ba. tamad pa ko. hehe. ugma siguro. ok ra diri, same same japun. how about diha?

    anyways, awards for u here...


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