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Confusing, cause I don’t get it

Okay, I was doing some Awards earlier as I found out that I have a mysterious number on my page rank toolbar. I tried to take a good look if it was my page or maybe somebody else’s with? But it was pointed at my page. Take a look on this;

If you noticed, there is some green in it, and I really do pay attention with my page rank because it once has a page rank yet, it was taken away from me after 3 weeks. So, it is kinda big deal for I only depended into paid post lately to earn extra income.

So, I immediately checked in on the TP in order to make sure if I really got the said rank. But in my surprised I found this;

Now, I’m pretty much confused if which one is really accurate. Then, later on when I double checked my page, I don’t see any green line on it.

Pretty weird huh.. I don’t mind it at all as I’m used having no rank here. Hence, isn’t that something you don’t see everyday.



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