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Did everyone ever notice this

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About the fees in triple P’s paid post, I’ve never seen them giving out that kind of fees before. I mean it outrageous creating for a 200Word for only $0.50, I ain’t getting that. Hahahaha, I might be able to find and grab a higher fee than that. And that cost keeps coming and I’ve perceive that you can’t see any white opps now. Maybe due to the economical crisis that we need to grab any opportunity that comes in our way, I am not against that, but I just wonder that much. Don’t you?



  1. Hi Nov, got something for you in my blog. Just check it out if you're not busy. :)

  2. i was actually shocked when i saw it the first time but a little amused at the same time. sensilyo naman gud. hahaha. i grabbed a $0.50 pero link ra needed og $1 nga 50 words ra. ok ra, dali ra man. mayo na lang. pero if 200 words, di na ko oi. hahaha.

  3. hay naku, sinabi mo pa sis. ako nga, i have a couple of $0.50 eh. naku, inisnab ko na muna. LoL.


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