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Looking for another Header

I’m talking about my blog page. Yes, I do have another page that I kept mentioning here as I didn’t publish it yet. Risking publicizing it then, I won’t be mentioning too much about the Angels in my life.

I made it before I left Philippines, and when I was still around with tons of kids my niece and nephews that I can share amazing things with them. I can’t say I neglected it because I choose to be more focused to my original domain.

I had a Christmas layout for it and now since Holidays are over, need to change the header first then will go all the way to the bottom design.

For the previous layout, thank you Mommy Gen for the humble and free template you provided in my other blog. More Blessings to come!




  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    hehhe your welcome Novs...Happy weekend. TC

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Novs, I like your new header design!! It really is Super Nova.

  3. nice, that way u will have more space to write and update on and more earnings to come if you decide so.

    i was here novs. it is so cold here today. wondering if i were there, i can't bath, lol.

  4. hi nov's naa naka new na blog. hay.. wa jud ko kasabot day wa na ko kablog hop for a decade na. i am busy changing layout eh and pc hang ups. i post your tag when i get back online. Logoff muna ako sakit na ako eyes.


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