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Looking for a Router

I am looking for a router since we got the Mario Cart Wii game. As you may know, you can play it online with other players all over the world. It’s fun and interesting, you can also send message if you have added that particular player in your room.

We tried it several times, but since Nintendo is very more fussy it don’t recognized a freakin’ ordinary wire, therefore, we need to take the modem from the computer and transfer it to the nearest place that way the Nintendo Wii can hook on it. And if your doing that all the time? It’s a pain in a butt.

Hence, we decided to look and purchase a router that way it will be wireless and I would kept taking the modem from the computer to connect to the Wii games online.

I found, and it’s this Linksys router and it’s kinda cheap on Ebay than surveying the other websites. With anticipation, I have the money to acquire it that way; I can play Wii Games online without any pressure of doing the usual ways that we did.



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