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Need a new Gadget

Laptop Pictures, Images and PhotosParticularly, a Laptop, we do have desktop in the house which is fine with me. I don’t have problems with it as I have already fixed it and function finally smoothly as I wanted it to be. Why I need Laptop? Because, I can’t watched television or go to the living room at the same time get hooked up in the internet. I know kinda dumb reason, but since I was thinking of creating an online business I think that’s more reasonable enough for me. It’s handy and not yet the much needed for now.

Okay, I don’t want to be a brat; hopefully someday I’ll be able to get that gadget that I’m looking for. And I just can’t wait.




  1. Hi Novs...

    Cute ng mga babies ni Brangelina noh? Tinitigan ko talaga....hehehe...

    Musta ang buhay buhay dyan?

    Ate J

  2. same here, sis. i really wanted a laptop kaso can't afford man. inig makadaog na unya ko lotto. LOL.

    musta man? ayo ayo diha!


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