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Never Ending Snow

Yup, it started last Wednesday, plunging of snows never stops. Okay, I’m exaggerating everything, it stops a little and then later on it plunges as much as it could. And I’ve noticed that this Month of January sucks!!! Oopsss… since I tell you its pretty much freezing inside and outside of the house. I can see cars outside their garage been covered with snow and yes, it’s a massive snow. This time, I’m not kidding.

Snows you can see outside of the house

For those, who have not experience the winter season, I tell you, I love the snow at first, and how amazing they looked like especially at night. Seems like the world is not wicked, but the cold temperature that drops up to negatives, is nasty, I’m not dispiriting anyone at all, trust me I’ve once an eager person who wants to experience winter. Now, I did and I’m pissed with it. You can’t stop Mother Natures.

So, for anyone out there who wish for a snow makes sure that snow thrust only once a month because if it continues, it’s really ghastly.




  1. snow galore! hastang tugnawa guro diha.

    happy sunday sis!

  2. yeah i guess so too novs. here, the cold temperature struck and i did not like it. the water was like put with ice and it was so grrrrr. cold.had to boil water eveytime i bath. me and my sons are coughing, too because we got colds. cold temperature can be ghastly, indeed.

  3. @LYNN & IMELDA:

    - super jud naga gara na ning mg snow dre. at first you'll be amazed then later on you'll get pissed and annoyed because its too much. you can't resist the cold temperature... u can check it on my weather forecast on my sidebar... damn!! its cold


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