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New Header

And as the celebration is over, I need to change my Header Banner. I’m still looking for a motivation and ideas where I can optimistically create my own. I’m no expert and so does that others who create design, they make sure that they are open-minded and get ideas to the other’s work in order for them to come up with a brilliant and unique output.

Expectantly, not too late, I’ll be browsing and searching for more before I ended up making my own header.

Wish me luck!


Successfully, right after I write this post, I was eager and motivated to do the new header. As you noticed, it’s not really that awesome but I kinda make sure that I make a header that represents the title of my page/blog.

And so, for the meantime, I’m still researching to make a much better header.




  1. Nice header Novs...I need to find one for a site I just started but I just can't find the time yet....

    Ate J

  2. Anonymous9:54 PM

    that's a cool header nov..I've already change one of my site's header as the season is over now but I still have one more banner to's still christmas banner hehhee

    kumosta na?

  3. I like the header. It's cool. Btw, got awards for you. :)


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