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New Year, New Haircut

I think it is time for me to cut / trimmed my hair as the last time that I went to the salon was before my flight to USA. Okay, sometimes having very long hair annoys me to the max that I’m planning to cut it pretty much short. Struggling with me weight here, I could not do that, because if I will? I’ll look like a ball, that’s a term used for those short people who are fat.

Get the chance to cut it and so I did, not me but my SIL Chrissy. Yup, instead of paying so expensive haircut to the salon, SIL is taking Cosmetology which is an advantage for us. But take note, we don’t take advantages of asking her for free, I mean it would be nice to give once in awhile.. But I’m glad she had my hair trimmed and now I’m feeling light.




  1. Anonymous12:22 AM

    oh wow, i am planning to have a new haircut too, hope to see you soon with your new haircut Nova.

  2. that's good, look for the new year.

    ingatz! mwahugs!

  3. @BETCHAI:
    - oh its not really that you will noticed from the very long hair that i got, i just trimmed it for 3 inches and that's it...

    -I usually do that te lynn, masking diha pako sa pinas. has to change for a new year and a new things or look...


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