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They Finally made it

Yes, my older brother and his girlfriend for 3 years or so. Weeks from now, they will be tied a knot at the Lagao Parish Church. They have been waiting for this for a long time, and I guess it’s just about time for both of them to exchange vows and become one.

Too bad for me, I could not be there during the big day, for I would love too but the status that I have currently here couldn’t help me anything but to wait.

Meaning, among the siblings I’ll be the only person who’ll not be around too witnessed the Special day of my Brother. Of course, if my younger brother will be able to make it. nope, his not working outside Philippines but his in Cebu and hoping that his boss will grant him a leave due to a very special and one in a lifetime event. I feel so devastated here because I couldn’t come.

Congratulations! They both deserved each other. Be Merrier and more blessings in life.




  1. Good luck to your bro Nov. Wish his boss will give him some days off for the big event. :)

  2. congratulations to your brother! best wishes! :)

    sus day, sabado man ang 14, i bet and hopefully they still have sometime for a honeymoon before the girl left for work in abroad...thanks for the warm wishes. .makaabot jud nas ilaha.. hehehe

    thanks for the wishes... i'll tell them that...


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