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Afraid in the ICU

I can’t blame myself when I get too emotional when I hear a friend or family friend who hospitalized and stationed in the ICU [Intensive Care Unit]. What would I do if it will be one of the members of my family? Are they safe? Why would they be stationed in ICU? Are you sure they are not in a severe danger of their health? Those are the questions that keep flooding in my head. You can’t blame a person just like I am who have traumatized with the ICU, it takes time for me/them to heal that trauma and hopefully that will be gone someday. So, in the future, I will battle this fear and over flowing emotions in me when I knew someone is in ICU and hopefully to face my fear.



  1. u reminded me of my hubby, sis. he experienced being in the ICU before he started his dialysis treatment. yeah, it's a bit traumatic coz grabe na siya that time pero nalampasan niya to. up to now, clear pa sa akong mind kung unsay nahitabo sa ICU. :(

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  4. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I was almost brought to ICU about 10 years ago. But thanks God, I was strong enough. Hi Nova, Have a great day
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  5. @LYNN:
    -its was really horrible, and i was traumatized of what i experienced in ICU...

    -sure thanks for the visit,...

    -Thanks for informing me my dear...

    -that's really horrific, good thing you are super healthy now...


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