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A Directory Submission

I was browsing online anticipating some jobs, while at the same time visit other bloggers to drop them some cards. I’ve noticed that other blogs don’t have much links were the one who have got higher page ranks, and other blogs who have millions of advertisements, links and fans, got zero rank from the source of all the page rank,

Do we really know how they do this updates and what’s their algorithm about this? Every single blogger have done their search about this but none finally came victorious and found the calculations behind this page rank. And, since I got nothing to prove on ways on how to give your blog or website an excellent rate? I have decided to make sure that my blog will be searchable and easily be exposed by the researcher, right?

Now, out of my curiosity, I want to know what directory should I submit my link/s and what should be the popular content and search engine that I’m going to tender my link. Well, I must say that after all the searching on where to find a great directory services, I came across to the website. Where, it would only take super effortless in making directory submissions easy. Because they make sure that you will find it conveniently. Since, they will be keeping track of all submissions to avoid duplicates on future orders, also being able to submit site slowly over a period of 5 weeks at no extra cost, thoroughly a convenient way and fast to submit my link to them. Now, I make sure that I will submit my link/s to this directory in order for the searcher to find my blog in a single content that I will be able to post in my page.

I won’t wait for another day; I’m going right now and submit my link/s. See you there, because I know I have the option of submitting to 100 directories every month for 12 months to

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