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How can I compress my large files?

I was so naïve before that, I wanted to share my files online so people could use it or read it, but I can’t do it. Because I don’t know how to compress my files and upload it online that would not take me forever and ever to do a single file. I research and never give up on how I can make this problem simple. Resolve it with the help of the information online. Until I found file extension djvu, these website provides me good information on how it can help me from compressing my large files, journals, or e-books online.

Amazing huh! I would say this really helps me save time and effort on publishing e-books online and to share bulky files with my friends and family fast and quick. That I won’t need to mail it and let them wait for months and months before they will have the chance to get my files, books or pictures. Thanks to the modern technologies and the solutions they create in order for us to live a convenient life.


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  1. thanks for this post. its a problem of mine too how to compress my voluminous files.

    sis, missed it here. been so busy sa akong beauty ba lately. dagahn kaayo ug work and i blog at night, rarely visit coz kids play games in the comp, too. its 3:45am here and im the only soul awake i guess. no rivals at this time in using my PC, just lke you b4 with ur pamangkins, lol.


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