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How do I Love my Hubby?

MomGen and Sweet Temptation, thanks for this amazing tag, I do love it. Here's my answer to your question:

Reasons why I love my Hubby are:

I know he cares for me a lot, because even if I'm way too much to ruin his day, he'll be the one who come confronted me.

He cook very good food that sometimes he spoiled me and do the cooking for a week.

He respects all my decision and ideas, he never leaves my side even though I spent too much on the computer sometimes.

So patient person, loves to keep me laugh and do goofy things to make me smile.

There are so much things and virtues about him that words isn't enough to describe that God's angel sent to complete me. And Yes, HE COMPLETES ME...



  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Hi Nova

    Congrats! He complete you not all of us met our soulmate. And that's why i'm so happy hearing a positive views of you. Congrats for the joyful & fruitful life ahead both of you.

  2. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Isn't it great to find someone who can make you feel special. And to think that you came from a defferent part of the earth.

    Anyway, about the freebies link, I was pissed with blogvertize for rejecting it so I decided not to resubmit it and just remove the link... lols.
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  3. how sweet. so lucky for u to have a hubby so sweet and loving as him. we're both lucky actually to have met the man of our dreams. wala na nga lang ang sa akin. hehe.

    stay inlove, sis.


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