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I Love it...

What I LOVE the most is my header, as you have noticed, I have changed it often here. This time I got the time for the whole month, since Valentine's Day falls on this month, I decided to make something that would remind everyone for the Valentine's Day. Not just on the 14th, but for the rest of the month. Take a good look at it. For the meantime, my older header will rest for the moment, as it will goes back later on after the month of LOVE.


  1. yeap it nice. Mde your blog more personalize.. Did you do it?
    What software did you use?
    Embracing Health
    All Natural Comsetics 4u
    Health Blog

  2. nice, novs. mayo pa ka kabalo na ka ana. ako kay di jud. willing jud ko makat-on ba. maybe u can teach me someday. hehe.

  3. Anonymous6:12 PM

    hi nov, wow inlove kaayo imong header:-) I like it..i feel to change mine to for this month pero wala naman koy time ihimo oi...busy nako sa akong work hehehe feel na kaayo ko nga working girl..bitaw i started working na bya mao dili nako kaayo makabisita ninyo..

    sorry diay wala pa nako na add ang imong isa ka blog..wala pa man gud ko mouse..naguba..unya kapoyan ko ug wlay mouse kay lisod i copy paste..basta for sure iadd jud to nako..

    happy weeken diay nimo diha

  4. Anonymous8:18 PM

    hey, nice nova, love your header, so valentines already.

  5. Hi Novs, salamat sa visit ug sa comment..
    Yeap like your header gyod, pareha mi ni Lynn unsaon mana?,hehehe

  6. sistah...

    award for u here...

  7. hi nov's musta na ka sis? payu2blog have been good to me lately. super tagal nila kayang magapprove.

  8. Hi Novs,
    Oi the header is lovely. Nakakainlove!
    Sorry for being absent here, been busy with my offline life, usahay na lang makablog hop oi..
    hope to hear from u again.
    take care.
    keep up the great work!


  9. hello sistah!

    got another tag for u!


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