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It’s just dry all over…

Have you ever tried the dryness of your face or skin all over your body? I haven’t tried that before until I came in USA and the weather starts to get freezing. I usually use DOVE products because they’ve got more moisturizer than the other products, which I don’t have problem of using with. I’m not that allergic to it so I have been changing all the previous products I had before.

Moreover, the dry skin itch’s a lot especially if you don’t pay attention into it., because you might think it will be fine. But no! If you feel itchy on your skin that’s because your skin is dry.

Now, I’m struggling what product should I used for my face. I’m way too picky about moisturizers or lotions, why? I got my face burned before using different products which affects the sensitivity of my face. And it’s not that simple to handle a burned face. Trust me, I’ve been into that. That’s why, it took me years to decide and stick into some products that never give me disadvantage. I wish I could find the usual products I had before so I could just buy it here. Hence, I don’t see it yet.


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  1. hi nov, kumosta na? just visiting you here with a smile:-)


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