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Joomla Template and Wordpress Template

Are you a blogger just like me? Are you looking for a fabulous template for your blog? Well, if you are and looking for a new template that is for FREE, I must say this is your lucky day. Because is here to give you free Wordpress template or Joomla template for FREE, this Free template is usually cost from $50-$100 to buy each layout. And since they were having great time to share the templates or layouts to their wordpress blogger, in order to give them a new environment it is now free.

And like you, I will be grabbing one of the free templates Wordpress and Joomla is giving away. If I have not mentioned here that I made a Wordpress blog but not yet publish in the public it is because I’m too picky to find / search a layout that will attracts not only to my loyal readers, viewers but also advertisers.

And amazingly, here comes a free Joomla and Wordpress template perfectly right for what I have been looking for. Voola!!! I just found what I want for my page. And now I can not wait to modify my Wordpress blog that way, I can publish it and make extra income online.



  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    these are realy nice templates.. Thanks for sharing Nova. One of these days I might be changing my tamplate.. I just cannot find the time

    Beyond The Rave Reality, Computer and Electronics, Money Online Thoughts

    -oh that's fine, i tried to search for a nicer template on that page too.. thanks for coming....

  3. hey novah,, its been a while.. thanks for dropping by ha.. medyo busy me eh.. kumusta nah?

  4. hi sis. nag bid ko ani pero wa reply ay. hehe. glad u got it. :)

    my entrecard is running pala here. :)

    ingatz sis. mwahugs!

  5. @RUBY:
    -okay lang ruby, i'm glad i have visited your blog again...

    i guess its just my lucky day.. hehehe


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