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A Pimple on your head…

Pimple Pictures, Images and Photos Pimples should be on your face not on your scalp, right? But not me, every month before my monthly visitor visits me I have some symptoms of it. Amazingly, I don’t see the symptoms as they are too shy and would decide to hide and grow in my scalp. Which I find pretty much irritating, the bad news is that you can’t tell them where to grow and what certain area of your body.

It bothers me a lot when these pimples started to grow and every time I brush my hair, it will be hit by the hairbrush and I started to feel pain. They are just anywhere.

If you were me, I bet you would feel the same thing too. I don’t have any solution about this inconvenient monthly irritation regarding my pimples. Haven’t found any cure yet and what causes them to grow on my scalp instead on my face.

Have you ever experienced that? Did you do something about it? can you share the cure if you may have?



  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    hi NOva, I do not have a cure to share :( but I would want you to know you are not alone. But you are luckier, at least they grow only on your scalp, mine anywhere :( and the most painful of all is inside my ears, i feel like my ear is to explode :( thankfully, got it only once.

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  3. Hi Novs..

    Musta? I also get pimples sa aking scalp every now and then...and yes, it hurts when you accidentally comb through one...

    Ate J

  4. arang arang na lang ng sa scalp, sis kaysa sa face at least dili siya kita. hinay hinay lang brush sa imo head aron dili ka sakitan. hehe.


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