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Remembering Teresa Ann

She’s one of the members of my second family here in US, but for some reason I will never get that chance to meet her in person. Yet, I know one day I will be given the chance to meet her in the next life, but not now....

It would be better not to know and mention the way she died, and how she died. The good thing to remember about her is the memories that she have with her family. Moments that will never be vanished by time. Laughter that is incomparable and the goodness of her heart not only to her family, but for other people.

Today, let’s take a pause for a while; pray not only for her but for those souls that needs our prayer. That they may rest in peace and reunited with the ONE WHO CREATED EVERYTHING, GOD.

Teresa Ann Blair Ellis
January 26, 1978 – February 12, 2006

Thank you for your prayers!



  1. Oh how sad!!! my heartfelt condolence..

  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Nova, am sorry, my condolences. Will say a prayer for her.

  3. @LETS

    thank you for your sympathy...


    thank you for the prayer, it is really much appreciated.

  4. hi there how are you happy friday . . . . . .

  5. she's so pretty and young to leave the earth early but God needs her so there's nothing that we could do. May she rest in peace.

  6. Anonymous5:43 PM

    my deepest sympathy. may her soul rest in peace.

  7. hi Nov's happy valentines. and may she rest in peace but i know she well

  8. Anonymous6:42 AM

    May she rest in peace

  9. this post reminded me of my hubby. how did she die, sis, if i may ask?


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