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Sunlight oh Sunlight…

"Sunlight, oh, sunlight
Bring me the love I'll need to guide me
Shining deep inside of me
Sunlight, oh, sunlight
Show me the way"

Kinda familiar to you? I bet so, it is the famous Song entitled SUNLIGHT that once sung by Miss Saigon Lea Salonga. The reason why I have it posted here, because it relates it in my post obviously. I mean, I’m talking about our weather since after the gloomy snowy days we have here consecutively; finally the sunlight shines once in awhile. Telling us all that after having a cold winter, there is a new day that waits for everything. That it won’t be winter forever.

I must say, it is kinda depressing during winter, because of the snow, too cold that you can’t go out and mingle with others. You prefer to stay inside your house with the comfort of your heater.

Well, I’m really glad that after months and months of having this winter season. It will finally be over soon. I just can’t wait.

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