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Beware of Hackers…

For they are just anywhere, and anywhere. Come to think of this photo. I was checking my SPAM or BULK MAIL in YAHOO. And I found out that again [for the 2nd time] I sent myself, or sent something into my own E-Mail some dim-witted mail, which I never did, obviously.

e-amil from hackers

That is why; we have to be aware of those hackers, and must confirm that particular person in your list. Whether a friend or family, if they certainly sent you some page or information into your email before diving into that in sequence.

I was laughing my butt that much, because this stupid hacker just sent something into my own e-mail address some shitty Online Drug medicine. Some disgusting information which, I assume will ruined my reputation if it was sent into my friend list.

Please do inform me before opening some junk mails you’ve got. Because, for sure I don’t know exactly what’s going on that it can’t be prevented that an e-mail will be hacked.


  1. Na ako I have so many scam emails everyday. Naa pay the paypal email sent to me that I won. if it is true then why there is no money into my paypal heheh. Na economy is not good taht is why mas daghan scam.

  2. i don't open mails from an unkown sender, sis. diretso jud nako na delete. basi pa unya virus ba. patay jud! :)

    happy weekend!

  3. Hi sis,
    I do receive countless of spam emails everyday. There are a lot bored people in the world and can't do anything right but to fill our mailbox with spam

    I don't usually open those emails, I straight away delete them all.

    Happy Monday! mwahugs!


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