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Car was ransacked…

That happens last Tuesday [February 17, 2009], when I and bana was on our way to the parking lot. We’re flabbergasted when we see papers all scattered on the front seats, the box thingy was opened, and the good thing is that there is nothing important inside the car. That was atrocious, we knew that his car’s door don’t lock anymore, I mean its broken which we wouldn’t be shock if someone will ransacked it. The good thing is that there are no valuable things inside the car, as Bana keeps telling me to bring my important things with me since he can’t lock his car’s doors. Good thing, I did.

We didn’t call the cops since nothing is missing, and it’s freaking called outside. Anticipating that, it won’t happen again.



  1. hi im sorry to hear that i'm really sorry talaga

  2. @Allen's Darling:
    -thanks dear allen...

  3. Good you didnt lose important things. was here novs, miss talking to you!

  4. that's scary. mayo na lang way nawala nga importante, sis and more so, u two are ok.

  5. @Imelda:
    -yup, but we only knew that the car won't locked so we make sure that we have to bring some valuable things with us if we leave the car. wala ra jud namo na close tong box in front seat...

    -Ingon akong banabels nga di nlng daw tawag police kay wa man daw nawala, tapos madugayan pa mi didto sa parking lot nga pastang tugnawa ra biya kay kuhaan pa mana ug fingerprints. pero scary kay unsaon katong nanghalungkat sa car nangita tog ikapalit ug weeds... tsk..tsk..tsk..

  6. Anonymous11:16 PM

    wow, kuyaw oy! they are looking for valuables and $$ that is easy to take and run. thank god, you are both ok.


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