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This is one of my Favorite TV Show since 1997, even if they've been showed on TNT morning and afternoon, I still don't get tired of watching it over and over. One more thing, is that I just love magical movie or series. Now, Charmed is over and there is no more season coming I might feel bad about it but at least everyone has a happy ending.

Also, this is one of my Bana's Christmas Gift for me. I've got season 1 and 2, 6 more season to go. I want to collect it that way, my grandchildren or kids someday will be able to see these hot, sexy and powerful witches that only needs one thing. They save the world for a greater good. That casts by; Pruedence, Pipper, Phoebe and Paige Halliwell.

Blessed be.


  1. i love charmed! sad they ended!

  2. same here, sis. fave pud nako ni ba. unta himo sila usab no?

  3. @Gorgeous Mum:
    -True, i don't want it to end, but they have too, or the viewers might not like the series if they keep doing the same battle, we all knew they ended the movie pretty well, skipping part and seen that everyone is move on and so the next generation had continue the battle for a greater good.

    -I just hope they'll make a movie, this time a great one, hopefully some producers we're be able to think about that, it would be a blast...

  4. hi..visiting u here Nova.. i have a friend who is fanatic about the Charmed series too.. now no more showing on TV right? many years ago...

  5. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Ahh I am not familiar this this. Are they shown only in the US?
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  6. @Reanaclaire:
    -Thanks for the visit dear. i think they still played on TNT channel. every morning and afternoon. over and over and over and over... and loved it!

    -Nope, i dont think so, when i was in Phil they have this one played on studio 23 channel, every monday night. but i'm pretty sure they are popular in US as they've got the hottie and sexy witches...


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