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Gloomy and Rainy

Yup, that is our weather and sky looked like last Sunday. We were about to go visit my In - laws when I noticed that the weather was totally gloomy, the sky looks like there's a heavy rain. It sprinkles as you may notice in the picture. But I tried my best to take a shot into that Gloomy and Rainy Day.

Rainy Day

Gloomy Day

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  1. That weather doesn't look like alot of fun, but you captured it very nicely, thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend!
    Regina In Pictures

  2. we have had rainy and gloomy for almost two weeks now. today however we have a bit of a reprieve, but rain and dark gloomy days are not behind us.

    i like cloudy/misty days so i really love this post.

  3. Its funny how you await change of seasons. I would love a gloomy sky for a while, sun can get too much sometimes.
    Thanks for your sky and happy SWF.

  4. I like your grey skies, maybe since I'm still longing for rain.

  5. Good captures, but I will take your rain, it snowed here.

  6. We have far too mnay days like this, but they do make atmospheric images.

  7. We have far too mnay days like this, but they do make atmospheric images.

  8. Anonymous11:43 PM

    Hi Nova, despite it looking gloomy and cold, yet you captured it really beautifully. Love your picture.

  9. hello sis...lovely pics again though it's raining...:)

    tagged u..

  10. Even on a glommy day you can see something nice. It's a talent to see the beauty in the rain.

  11. Beautiful pictures!

  12. ALL:
    -A big thanks for the time and effort of checking my SWF... see you again soon...


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