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I need flower for our Wedding Reception

I know I have shared here that we got married last 10th of September 2008. We don't have a formal reception on the said wedding because it was not planned to have one, except for a dinner with the whole family after the Wedding Ceremony. My mother in law wants to give us a wedding reception but since the Winter Season was approaching, we prefer to wait until Winter is over. She wants to do it during Spring. I know it is way too overdue from our wedding date. But we don't mind it.

Since the Spring Season is almost here, she and my other in-laws starts to do some planning. I help them when it comes into survey on where and what to buy. As I am not way too 100% familiar with the county.

While browsing online, I was checking flowers and I definitely found a perfect wedding flowers, for the flower decoration in the reception. It is superb as I continue looking at the website. I am not super excited to the whole reception thinking that I want to make sure the the favorite flowers I found will be arrange in the place. That means, one is done and so many things to do.

I will update soon once everything is fix.


  1. na mao lagi hehehe...tanan nakong themes and templates maniho ra nako kay wala budget ug mopalit kos mga prof designers ba. maong ako ako lang jud intawon ni tanan from the start bahala ug korangot ang nawong sa akong mga designs prehas akong nawong hehehe.

  2. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Oh wow, hope all will be well Nova. That sounds something to look forward to.

    Have a good weekend.


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