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My Prayers is answered at last...

Yup, I must tell you that this could be the answered to my long prayers at night on how to lose weight without starving myself to death. Sometimes, I do skip meals just to make sure that I’ll lose some weight. Hence, that is one cause of having sickness instead of losing weight at the same time to stay healthy.

And while keep reading and browsing online, from website to the other website. I came across to a page that leads me into a perfect way on how to lose my weight simply and quickly. A Simple steps to perfect health and weight is what I certainly need here.

I don’t control my foods sometimes and I’m blaming myself because I become bigger and bigger here. Gladly to know that with the help of Perfect Health First I would not be having this problem on losing weight. Check them out.



  1. i need this, too! gaining weight seemed unstoppable.

  2. Novs, eating much and then skip and eat much mae you fatter. When I was working in Makati I was so thin as I eat almost every minute but in small amounts.

  3. @Imelda:
    -sinabi mo pa sis.. di jud malikayan ug lami kaayo mga food, specially ug paborito nko.. ugma na jud ang diet2x, mawala jud ang self-control oi....

    -Mao jud, i learned that if i don't eat every meal, that makes me fatter... kay you feel starve jud kaysa mukaon ka ginagmay ra noh? thanks sis...


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