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Recalling Christmas

I do know that Christmas is finally over, for couple of months now. But I do admit I haven’t shared too much about the first Christmas I got here. Aside from the gifts that I got from Santa, in-laws and my super handsome Bana, I also got thrilled every day receiving Christmas letters in the mail. I adore mails, even though it took me forever to receive it, I still love the thrilling that I felt every time I got one.

Christmas card was flooding from in-laws, and friends. What I did with it? I stick it into the wall. To see it everyday, oh…. You might wonder if I still got it until now. NO. I removed it already after I put down the Christmas tree.


  1. thanks sa comment. na kanusa pa kaha mi magkita hehehe. looy baya to sila kay wa bb. ang kano lang kay gigasto-an ang mga relatives sa babae nga gusto moskwela unya free poyo sa ilang balay. bisan unsa na korso basta dagko grado mogasto sila kay wa man silay bb.

  2. @Mabelle:
    -aw oki ra kay dagko man diay ug grado sis...


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