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Recalling Winter

It's not that I'm loving the cold weather with pack of snow outside the house. I just want to share one more time how crappy and depress winter really is. T'was my first Winter Season here in USA, and men! I tell you, I don't like the freezing weather. I love the snow hoping that I won't be staying and dealing with it for like 4 months or less.



  1. Very cool winter shots.

    Have a great weekend!
    Regina In Pictures

  2. I'm sure your first winter is very memorable, one you'll remember forever.

  3. I always hated winter growing up. Where I lived, It snowed in May. Now I just visit. A much better arrangement.

  4. Anonymous6:04 PM

    i'm so thankful winter is over. when i was new here at the east coast i love winter pero ngayon sawang-sawa na sa snow. enough of it. happy spring for tomorrow. Yehey!

  5. I see these and I know what I am so glad it's spring.

  6. i hate cold weather, but i must admit that i miss snow! i love seeing my little one have fun with it; making balls, doing snow angel, those stuff! sadly, it doesn't snow here in queensland!

    enjoy it! hahaha!

  7. I want spring, but beautiful shots!

  8. But things are sprouting now, and in another few months we will be complaining about the heat and the humidity!! What do people talk about in climates where there are no seasons?

  9. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Sure don't miss that snow....

    I cannot wait for the warm weather and no complaints from me, no matter how hot it gets :)

  10. ka nice sa snow, sis. :)


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