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After month of month when the first premier of Twilight released in the movie theater, we finally saw the movie at home. Through downloading procedure with a very clear copy and comfy way, I won’t say too much about the said movie. For everyone knew exactly how amazing and great movie is. And I must say, I do admit and agree with this people’s opinions.

I’m glad I never fail to watch the movie, and now after reading and learning about Driver’s Manual, my next step would be reading the e-books of Twilight my friends send me online. And I can’t wait.

For those, who missed to watch the movie, I can say you won’t regret it. Download, or rent it now and you’ll enjoy it just like we did.



  1. it's a good movie! it was shown when my sister sheila was here and she kept on begging me to watch it. i've read some not-so-good reviews about the movie so i was thinking twice about it. she really insisted so i gave in. i'm glad i did!

    grabe, kinilig ako! hahaha! i love the way edward stares, so mysterious!

  2. @Gorgeous Mum:
    -I have heard so many no good feedback, but what can you expect for the first movie? just like harry potter, the first movie is kinda shitty, but later the recent movie definitely turns out great, you can't really base everything on what the book says you have to do something about it as book or you can definitely wait make impossible things happen when you write...

    i don't mind it at all as i'm not that huge fan of it.. but like you i'm glad that i finally watched it...


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