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Eggplant with Rice

After months of not eating eggplant, I bought one piece in Walmart. By the way, for the record my half doesn’t take a risk of eating eggplant. Yup, he doesn’t like it. Good for me, because I won’t be sharing it with him. Bad Nova!

Anyhow, as for me missing the eggplant, I made a tortang talong, it’s a chopped eggplant and mixed with eggs in it until it is cooked.

Eggplant with Egg

I love the whole food and I even ate a lot, so that maybe the reasons why I never lose much weight that I want too. For now, I have to satisfy my stomach with the foods that I love to eat way back in Philippines.


  1. waah, ang sarap naman nyan!

  2. i love tortang talong pud sis. maayo na, wala ka kaagaw kay di man diay eat imo bana ana. haha.

  3. hayyyyy nov, this is so tempting. I feel to do one but I have to stop myself for I'm into diet just now. I cut the rice, meat and sweets. I only eat vegies, fruits and fish..i also eat chicken..that's all hehehe I need to lost weight before I will my vacation to pinas.

    yah, where have you been? hehehhehe I thought you already forget me. yah, makakwarta jud ka if naay pr imong blog just to add their link to your side bar..katong non domain nimo, pwede to siya..i will contact you later pag okey na ha..


  4. hello sexy nova.

    aray.. pagkain na naman to. nakakgutom na talaga! kain ulit ako mamya. hehe.

    anyway, Nova, sorry if i haven't been here on your blog for awhile. really busy in school. but i promise to drop by whenever i have extra free time.

    will be back soon! see you around!

  5. mmmm. I love tortang talong! YUMMY!



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