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Harvey turns 4

Another birthday in my nephew celebrated his 4th year on this planet, together with his loving parents and family. How I wish I could be there, to be with him too, but since I'm thousand miles away from them. I guess all I could do is to great him and let the whole world know how I love this kid.



  1. happy birthday cute kid!!!

    sorry for not being here for quite awhile. having google problems with my blog.

    a trojan virus got into my computer a couple of days ago while i was logged in to my google account - the specific google account where i submitted my’s URL and sitemap. since i was logged on, the trojan virus erased the submitted URL to google along with the sitemap of the blog. my PR immediately went to PR0 from PR3. when i logged back in to my google account, i needed to start all over again… resubmit URL, verify ownership and then submit sitemap once again.

    well well… trojan attacks — grr.

    have a nice day Nova!

  2. Happy birthday nephew...musta diri

  3. happy bday harvey! :)


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