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He got a New Haircut

Yup, my MAN definitely had his new haircut. Courtesy for her sister who studied Cosmetology and been cutting his hair ever since. A Free haircut by his own sister is definitely great. She perfectly did a great Job! we love the new look and now his enjoying the new short hair he have. He gets more handsome, don't you think?




  1. hi sis, galing naman mag cut ng hair sis-in-law mo. So serious naman hubby mo. Hehhee

  2. your SIL did a great job and yes your hubby look yummy now hehehhe.. and i guess u save a lot on this haircut

  3. @Jean
    - ewan ko ba dyan, at di nagsmile...

    - thanks i'll tell her...hahahha agree... nah.. i didn't sis saon kay i just swiped it and thrown it in the trash can.. hahaha


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