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Heading to a tall building

One of the scenery I captured while me and hubby were in Buffalo City, NY for my said biometrics schedule. This time we are already done with the Biometrics and this is our way home. While still within the City, I tried to captured some scene even if I was sitting inside the car. Pardon me, but I didn't take the wheel, hubby did. 

There is nothing much in Buffalo though, but at least it feels good to be in different place than the usual county I've been into.



  1. hope we can visit buffalo this summer. gusto namin pumunta sa niagara. thanks for sharing some pictures.

  2. that is pretty ...

  3. thanks for sharing your pictures, Nova. good to see you have some nice weather now.

    by the way, i won't be blogging anymore at san diego backroads, my new blog is

    hope i get to see you there, thanks.

  4. nice man sis. and it's good that u visit a new place. :)


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