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Ice Cream Anyone?

That's a sweet pecan flavor with hersey on it. I love to eat ice cream as much as I want too, but I have to watched out for my sugar. Yup, diabetes is in our blood line and has to drink plenty of water after eating a bowl of ice cream. What about you? Are you a fan of ice cream too?


  1. I am not an ice cream lover but sometimes I crave for it but easily get tired of it too. haha

  2. yummy! we're having ice cream now too actually. want some? haha!

  3. yahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! this is my favorite nov..chocolate ice cream but I already stop eating since march 1 when I started my more rice, meat and sweets...faet! I still have a gallon of chocolate ice cream in the freezer and so happy nga wala jud tawn ko natintal hehehehe..

    kumosta na? advance HAPPY EASTER !


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