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Made our own design for our bowling shirt

Yup, I mentioned in my previous post regarding my hubby’s bowling team here. Let me refresh some memories then. They have a league and it is called the SCHUTTS league, a tournament for all Jamestown bowlers. Hubby’s team is called THE BOOGIE JAM. At first, I thought they do really have their own team shirt and wears it during their tournament, as I have observed before when I watched some movies however I was wholly wrong. They don’t, so I give confidence to everyone to made their teams own design and a good printed t-shirts for the said tournament and for the team.

Nevertheless, they don’t have any clue what design they should put, so I as their hired secretary [in the team], I suggested to customize some designs online and using with the help of a web site that I am commonly used to order for a THANK YOU NOTES, HOLIDAY CARDS, PENS, RETURN TO SENDER and especially can customized t-shirts, caps and more, I make the impossible and confusion quick, fast and easy.

I was super excited to create my bowling team their bowling shirts. That way, they will be able to be determined and advertised their teams name to other teams. 

Thanks for Vistaprint, which helps a lot to make my work easy and quick, for they certainly have so many designs where you can check out at the same time; customize it with your own uniqueness. I was glad to hear that the other four members of the team are so excited for my proposal of having their team’s bowling shirt. And finally after years and years of the Boogie Jams team they will have to wear their bowling shirt.

So, if you have your organization, clubs, teams, or just simply you want to give gift to someone. Don’t forget to take a good look and explore Vistaprint, I tell you, it is worth to browse with for they have so many items where you can accessorize your own design or simply choose a desired design you wish to print, or order. 

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