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Won for A Special Price

I was super happy last Sunday when MomGen of Wonderful things in life message me in yahoo regarding the prizes I won to her son’s birthday bash contest. She picked he winners through which I find it fair for everyone. That way, it’ll show the random list of the winners on the said contest. And luckily, this blog won the last Special Prize that is;

* 3 pcs. of miniture basket - Health Is Wealth
Winner: History Of SuperNova And SweetPain

Thanks for the successful contest you conducted. Anticipating for more contests to come, and rest assure that you can count on me.

The feelings that I am feeling now is totally extreme. And can’t wait for the prizes too.


  1. halo sis kron ra ko kagayun laag dri.... hav ko tag 4 u

  2. congratulations, Nova. now it is time for you to enjoy the prizes you won.

  3. congrats sis! balato! lol.

  4. @Jerla:
    Girl, thanks for the tag, i'm grabbing it now...

  5. Betchai
    Thanks it feels great to win some prizes....

  6. Lynn
    Dear i'll encourage and invite you next time.. para ikaw npud madaug...

  7. hi nov, wow! congrats, nakadaug diay ka? good for not lucky when it comes to contest contest hehehe

    by the way, kumosta naka? i have something for you in this link

  8. Hi Novs, congrats, ako kon contest layo sa winning,, wala gyod ko swerte ana...


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