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Fruit Tea Gift

I started to drink tea since 2008, one of my reason is there is a tea that could help me lose weight. Aside from that, there are so many ways that Tea can help us. I would not tackle that today, instead I am sharing you the Fruit Tea Gift that was given to me by one of my hubby's aunt during my Bridal Shower. After 6 months, on the said event I finally decided to drink this tea since they have their own expiration date. It was good than I didn't expect it was. Those are some of the fruit flavor that I already drink, I got one more fruit tea left and hopefully to buy another set in the store after all of this is gone.


  1. tea is good for the body but i'm not a tea drinker. i just drink if needed. :)

    re related stories, just visit and fill those boxes with ur blog details and that's it.

    happy weekend sis! mwah!

  2. I drink tea every now and then. I'm not really a tea drinker sis..hehehe.. when my mood strikes me lang..

    Have a great day! ^_^

  3. I'm into tea now.. it's way much better than coffee.. ^_^

    btw.. added u in my blogroll.. hope ull do the same.. thanks.. ^_^

  4. i love tea, but i love it more with milk :)

    those are very creative gift presentations Nov.

  5. hi nov, kumosta na? I'm also taking fruit tea before and I still keeping some because hubby loves it. Just now, I'm taking green tea all the time hoping to lose weight he he he...


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