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Are you a fan of silver items? Or not you could simply buy one silver bowls either to use it or to simply display it inside your house. Do you know where to find one? I was surfing online and came out with the website and was delighted to find out the items display. A perfect gift for someone you want to send one.

I was really stunned to see the items and knowing that they have released a new product which is the Crystal Singing Bowls? I would definitely buy one and have their new released product.

If you are curious, simply click on the new product item and it will leads you directly to the website and the item.


  1. hi nova i was here again after a long absence. sis im just at home and sick. i am laways like this after a long travel. i hope ur doing fine. next time i go there we should meet already, lol.

  2. IMELDA: dapat lang jud te meldz, kay di pa gani manglood na jud ko nimo hehehehe... hope all is fine na with you. jetlag i won't blame you for that... hope to hear from you soon...


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