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I choose Photography

Since, I was in my younger age, I love to take pictures and how to taking it in an odd way. Like, different example a stolen shot, wedding photos, flowers, sky and the mother nature. But, aside from just taking pictures I want to make sure that I know what are the perfect angels, or even a tutorial for the photography. That way I would be able to know a lot of things that I missed on creating a perfect shot. A lively and purely natural scenery. So, I decided to go online and search about photography, until I was lead into this perfect category where I learned about photography. These article that could be found in Photography section or through this, give a lot of significant in photography.

I am very glad that there are website like this, which helps not only for me but for others who wants to learn more about photography. Tutorials and knowledge on how to make a good photo out of what you learned from this website. Like the image method of tweaking, the uses of wide angels lenses creativity, the zone focusing, finding quality light and so much more.

Now, I'll be able to apply all this knowledge when I'll take photos once again and share it to this website. So, if you want to learn more about taking a great photography tutorial, check out the and search. Not only for photography but it will lead you into the article that you want to know and learn.



  1. I just bought a dslr and am learning to take better photos with it. I love photography too! :)

  2. goshgosh. thanks nova for sharing this one. my boyfriend bought me this canon 450DS sometime in 2008. i know the basics kaya lang, di ko pa kabisado lahat ng functions. kainis nga eh. hehe.

    just like you, love ko rin photography. sabi nga nila, ang life daw eh short lang. we have to capture every moment of it... both sad and happy (sana, mas maraming happy!)

    ay, ulit... thank you for visiting my blogs. di ka talaga nakakalimot ha! basta.... huge thank you talaga...


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