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Pork Stew with Corn and potato

When I was still in Philippines, one of my favorite Pinoy Foods is Pork Stew or we called it NILAGANG BABOY. I tell you that, even I am on diet it will ruined once the viand is already pork stew. Especially when there's fatty pork included in the said food. Now I'm drolling.

Moreover, even if I am not here in the US, I would not pass a month without making this pork stew. I'm happy because the love of my life also loves to eat Filipino Food. So, one great thing is that we share it both.


  1. it's my fave too, sis. yummy! gutom nuon ko da...

    niwey, got something for u again...

  2. wow ka lami ani uy hehehe. mustamos na? tag for u nanaman

  3. Anonymous12:38 AM

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